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The alleviation of poverty through training and student support in finding sustainable employment opportunities.


Home Management, Life Orientation, Personal Money Management, Kitchen Skills, Laundry Skills, Cleaning Skills, Bible, Child Minding, Entrepreneurial Skills, Sustainable Development, Basic First Aid, Basic English, Work Ethics, Environmental Health, Security in the Home, Remuneration, HIV Aids, STOP (Human Traficking), Family Meals, Sewing Skills, Kidskook



Our Vision 

The alleviation of poverty through training and job placement. 



Our Mission 

We strive to train unemployed people and empower them with life skills as well as career orientated and entrepreneurial skills. We want to place successful candidates in jobs.


Helderberg Development Centre is a Section 18A Non-Profit Company aiming to make a long-term difference in the alleviation of poverty in our local communities. We want to give the unemployed from a disadvantaged background and who live in extreme conditions of poverty, the opportunity for skills training. We want to empower them with life skills, as well as career orientated and entrepreneurial skills.


Students trained
Courses presented


The Student Support office supports our Home Management students in securing full-time employment after completion of their course, thus empowering them to become financially independent. Since the Centre's establishment in Somerset West (South Africa) in 2002, almost 2100 students have been trained. On average, more than 80% of these students, have successfully been assisted in finding jobs, helping them to improve their standard of living.

We also offer skills training courses (Childminding, Family Meals, Sewing Skills) for  individuals who would like to improve their skills.

Helderberg Development Centre started as an associate of the Bergzicht Training Centre in Stellenbosch.


Our Courses

Home Management
Complementary Courses
Introductory Courses
Advanced Courses
Special Courses

Our Needs

Job opportunities for students
Sponsorships for student courses
Funding of study material
Operational costs